Sunday, October 5, 2008

Why Swedes?

A question asked several times today was why did I choose to paints Swedes so I would like to provide an answer.

First I haven't painted any Swedes yet, Finns yes, Swedes no. I will be painting some Swedes in the near future but for now I have only Painted Finns.

Second because I have choosen to be a "minor" player in the period I have decided to paint a minor power. So in looking at what was (or will be painted) I decided that the Swedes were the best choice.

The Swedes are considered a Major power so the armies Stats aren't to bad, the forces is large enough that after a dozen stands I am not starting my next minor power, and the figures can be used for four Wars with Russia, Two Wars with Denmark, and a several minor skirmishes with other powers.

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