Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Koenig Krieg Game at the Source on Sunday October 26th.

I have reserved the Sandtable for a Koenig Krieg game on Sunday October 26th. I have sent out a Call-to-Arms in the usual method (Email) to all commanders to assemble on that well bloodied ground of the village Falcon Heights which will be fought over at least one more time.

Answering the call "Freddie the Adequate" (and his Prussian Command) and the dual personalities of the "Self-Elector"/"Archduck Fitzgerald" have both (or is it all three) informed me that they will be in attendance.

Hopefully that Sunday also works for the "Archduck Elliot", "Archduck Jack", "MyLord the Earl of Garfield" and we can get a good sized game going. I also hope "Duck Jimbo" and "Elector Noel the First" will also be present.

Roll-Call of the known members of the Sarcastic Alliance:
* Freddie the Adequate - Will be Present
* The Self-Elector - Will be Present
* MyLord the Earl of Garfield - will not be present
* Freddie's Lefthand Man count von Zoltov - Will be Present
* Lt Gen Beej von Kursed - Will be Present

Roll-Call of the Thirty Third and a Third Coalition of Lunacy
* Archduck Jack - Will be Present
* Archduck Elliot - Will be Present
* General "Biggie" Johnson - Will be present
* Duck Jimbo (He whose last name someday I will learn) - Will be Present
* Elector Noel the First - Will be Present

And Finally those showered and well bathed Ottomans
* The great Pasha Beybey - Will be Present
* The trivial Visar Ahkray of Robbinsdale
"Freddie the Adequate" has informed me that those dust clouds on the horizon are more figures marching to battle. Something about "Boys in Blue" will be well represnted.... Stay Tuned


Anonymous said...

Barring unforeseen circumstances, I'll be there. Probably closer to 1:00, so I'll take a reserve/2nd line command if need be.

chris said...

Pasha Beybey will be there.