Thursday, October 23, 2008

Nylands Infantry Regiment

I have finished painting up the Nylands Indelta (Provincial Infantry) Regiment last night. This regiment has two battalions of 3 stands.

This gives my Indelta Brigade 4 Battalions with 1 2/3 to go. A battalion of Närke-Värmlands Indelta Infantry (three stands) and a detachment of Västgöta-Dals* Indelta Infantry (two stands) will also be painted up in the next day or so. I also want to paint up Böhnens Fribataljon and maybe a few jagers but those may have to wait.

I also spent some time looking at my next Brigade. I decided that I need some staying power in my painted army. So my next brigade will be Drottningens Livregemente or the Queens Own. This will have Two battalions of four stands and one Battalion of three from the same regiment.
* I may change my mind on these eight figures I may make them part of Böhnens Fribataljon and add in four Jagers figures to make the 12 figure battalion. I am kind of leaning that way today. If I do than I will need another 12 figures for the Västgöta-Dals Indelta Regiment

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