Saturday, May 28, 2011

25mm Guals

Okay, I know a project flop for the weekend, however I pulled out my 25mm Guals for the annual I should really do something with these figures weekend. I have Caesarian Romans to, however I haven't really done anything with them either since they got painted up fo the release of Warhammer Ancient Battles. And this year I actually did do something with them, can you say painted cross belts or the gallic equivalent anyways.

I finished the 32 Gaeseti Mercenaries for playing in the Punic Wars period, plus 48 Swiss - Heleveti Tribe - warriors for 16 stands, got a good start on 16 Javelinmen and 16 slingers for all of those figures I will ever need.

Somewhere I have the Chariots done for the period, will have to get some cavalry for the Caesarian period.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

15mm Napoleonic Figures

On Saturday Tom Zwirn handed me a box of 15mm Napoleonic figures that he painted for me, included were 100 Austrian Landwehr, Charles Legion (Prague Students and Mahrisch's Battalion) and Viennese Volunteers and 50 French Young Guard and 16 Sailors of the Guard.

Always nice to get more painted figures in the collection, wish there was more interest in the period.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Completed 2 Sections of Confederate Artillery for Brother Against Brother

While it isn't a huge under taking I completed two sections of Washington's Louisiana Light Artillery for Brother Against Brother. This includes 11 Artillerists (1 Officer and 2 NCOs and 8 Privates) and 2 Union 12# Napoleonic Guns.

I purchased a bag of Union 12# Napoleonic Guns and if the project gets large enough will pick up a confederate 12# Napoleonic Gun Bag I just can't justify $35 ($21) to get two guns and let the other four just sit there for now. Considering most people can't tell the guns and limbers apart I am okay with it for now.

Next on to completing the 20 Louisiana Tigers I have started plus some more terrain.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

June 25th - ACW my place

My wife (future ex-wife) and Son will be out of town the weekend of June 25th and 26th, leaving me to my own devices. Seems like a perfect oppertunity to get in some extra, wait considering how little I game lately ANY, gaming in. I am really not in the mood to game in public, I might be a bit too high strung and ready to go ballastic on too many people to endure a ReCON!.

My Goal is to put on a smallish game of Brother Against Brother putting on about 6 squads a side plus some artillery.

I have been working on finishing up some 25mm Terrian, have a plan for some Corn Rows, and maybe break down and get some other road sections done. I hope to purchase a building from JR Miniatures and maybe a barn, however I am committing to get a lot of stuff painted between now and then.

If I can't get stuff painted will fall back on a 15mm Game either Rally, Fields of Honor, or Fire and Fury, there are enough of those figures floating around.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

1862 Project Google Document

The following Google Spreadsheet is openly viewable for those people that want to follow this link.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Brother against Brother

Years ago I purchased a number of 25mm ACW figures for a couple of projects, the first was attempting to do 25mm Mass Combat (cough Gettysburg Campaign cough). I have/had a fairly substantial collection of 15mm figures, mostly Confederate Troops that were supposed to be for a number of failed campaigns. Right now I think I have at least 75% of the Army of Northern Virgina, short Artillery and some of the Specialized Figures at 1 stand = 100 men and 1 gun = 1/2 battery.

Lately I have been painting up the 25mm figures which have been in a box unpainted for at least eight years. The Union I Corps at 1 stand = 50 Men painted at paper strength is coming along, with four Regiments of thirteen Regiments completed. There are another two regiments in the works on the painting table. For the Confederates I have been working on Heth's Division of with two regiments painted and one more on the painting table. So now that I am getting to a point where I will be able to demonstrate the game and attempt to get other interested in painted time to look at some other figures.

I have 60 Zouaves with Straw Hat that I purchased for a Brother Against Brother (BAB) project that never went anywhere. Like so many other projects I got started in more than a decade ago my partners all disappeared when it came time for the rubber to hit the road.

I think I am going to try and get a some number of figures done for BAB as well. it really won't take many figures to make two playable forces and I have a good start at some terrian. Arguably to make two armies to allow 6 to 12 players a chance to push figures and roll dice I am talking 60 figures a side, give or take a couple.

In talking with Tom Zwirn, who has an interest in doing 1861, an idea sprung into my head over the weekend, 1861 for BAB. Units would be relativily small and there would be a wide variaty of uniform options available.

The Two Forces I plan on painting or Wheat's Tigers and 2nd Rhode Island Infantry Regiment, being the two forces collided at the First Battle of Bull Run it is a fitting grouping.

What is interesting about the Two Units is the detail of the Uniforms that are available for the 1861 Campaign. I personally like the Kentish Guards for the 2nd Rhode Island.

To start with I will be painting 30 to 40 figures in two companies for both sides. Starting with the Tiger Rifles and the Kentish Guards, my goal is to have 40 figures in each of the Companies (four squads of 10) with one Squad being the Color/Guard and three Squads of Troopers. Both Sides will end up with Five Companies, that 200 figes a side, which I think is reasonable.

For the Wheat's Tigers:
Company A - Walker’s Guards – (WBS-41 – Zouaves with Fez)
Red Fex, Blue Tassle, Dark Brown Jacket Red Trim, White Pants with Stripes
Company B - Tiger Rifles – (WBS-42 – Zouaves with Straw Hats)
Straw Hat, Dark Blue Jacket, Red Trim, Grey Pants)
Company C - Catahoula Guerrillas – (WBS-39 – Zouaves with Kepi)
Blue Kepi, Dark Grey Top, Red Trim, White Pants
Company D - Delta Rangers
Red Fez, Red Tassle, Dark Blue Jacket with Red Trim, White Pants with Blue Stripes
Company E – Wheat’s Life Guard
Red Fez, Blue Tassle, Dark Blue Jacket with Red Trim, White Pants with Light Blue Stripes

I don't have all teh details yet on the 2nd Rhode Island, so stay tuned.

Company H - Kentish Guard

Sunday, May 1, 2011

ACW 1862 in 2012

After talking with several people I am going to move forward with the plan for a game in summer of 2012 to commemorate a number of battles fought in 1862, which I am for now call 1862 in the East.   Due to the scale of the game I am considering trying to organize I think a year’s preparation time may be needed.
Tentatively I am basing the concept of the game around the Seven Days’ Battle which was the conclusion of the Peninsula Campaign using Rank and File in 25mm with 1 stand representing 50 men.   The game will be configured for approximately 20 players, 10 players on each side with each player pushing roughly a brigade of troops.  
The game is based upon the Peninsula Campaign I will be using troops from a number of Corps which are available so the Order of Battle is not exact.   My figures are organized for the 1863 Gettysburg Campaign, Union I Corps and Confederate 2nd Division III Corps.
4 Brigades (provided by Jeff J)
1 Brigade (provided by Fitz)
4 Brigades (provided by Jeff J)
I know several people have figures for the period, both painted and unpainted and have ‘volunteered’ to provide figures, so I am asking people to commit now, even if it is just a Brigade.   
If we get beyond 10 brigades per side brigades will be added equally to both sides.
A generic Brigade will consist of 4 Regiments of 5 (or more) stands.   My figures are mounted 3 infantry figures to a 1 ½” square base.   It is not the figures that matter but the bases and as long as the bases are close in size than all is good.
At this Scale an Artillery Stand represents 2 guns, so 3 stands represent one Battery.
The game will be played on either four or five tables.   If only four tables two tables stacked in the center and two single table of each flank are a possibility (depending on location).
Prior to the Game the players will be assigning brigades to each of the tables.   Each Table will have a number of points available varying be sides and the strategic importance.   The idea is that players will be doing grand tactical movement and then each table will be fought independently. 

24th Michigan part II

I have completed painting all 30 figures of the 24th Michigan Regiment of the "Iron Brigade" today. For as little time as I spent painting those figures I think they have turned out fairly well. After getting the figures on popsicle sticks I may have spent a grand total of six hours painting them.
Once I figure out how to post images with the iPad I will do so.

Already have the 147the New York Infantry Regiment on popsicle sticks waiting to be primed. I hope to get the painted by next weekend.