Friday, April 19, 2013

BAR Update

A quick look at four of the sixteen Prussian Artillerists that I am painting up for Jim.    I actually have eight of them done and started on the other eight.

Jim is working on Prussian Brigade with a Musketeer Regiment (two battalions) and a Fusilier Regiment (two battalions) plus artillery.

For the Imaginations games of Jumboed Alliances I am working on a Swedish Brigade and a Saxon Brigade.   My plan is that once painted the Saxon's would be sold to someone locally.   Hopefully at some point I can get back the Royal Swede and Royal Bavarian Brigade for the French Army, but that is now on the back burner.

Speaking of the Swedish Brigade I have really given some thought on its organization and have decided to get back to work on it.   The brigade will have Narke-Varmlands, Dalanars as a single battalion of three small divisions of 15; two battalions of a Vavarde Regiment.   To be supported by one battalion of Grenadiers, more artillery than you can shake a stick at (It is a Swedish Command after all), plus a company of Jaegers.

Monday, April 1, 2013

AAR - Battle of Fort Schuyler

My Lord,

I wish to present to you a report of the action of March 30, 1758 between the Sarcastic Alliance and the 33 1/3 Coalition of Lunacy near Fort Schuyler New York [Utica, New York].

The Relief Column of the Dunbar's Infantry [48th Infantry Regiment] followed by our glorious allies of Hessen-Kessel's von Mansbach Regiment departed Fort Herkmer and marched to relieve the besieged forces of Fort Stanwix [Rome, New York].    On the morning of March 30th scouts of Brewer's Rangers reported French troop concentration along the banks of the Mohawk river.
The Brewer's Rangers under order to investigate used a farmstead called Cherry Point Hill as base of operation as it members moved towards the river to determine the make up of the French Force Concentration.
Without delay I ordered Dunbar's Infantry to form into battle line in the clearing between Cherry Point Hill and the Fort Schuyler.    I directed the commander of von Mansbach to do the same; however I believe a language barrier presented issues as the men of von Mansback decided to take a holiday and bath in the glorious sunny afternoon.
From my vantage point I saw a second French troop concentration forming near Fort Schuyler and begin advance on the Fort.
Dunbar's Infantry ran off to two battalions of French Marines and spent the remainder of the afternoon reforming.  After much coaxing and some language lessons I finally urged the soldiers of von Mansbach to form a line of battle and move towards the French troops assaulting the defenders of Fort Schuyler.   
The mass of French succeeded in breaking the defenses and have taken Fort Schuyler and now hold those heights above the Mohawk.
Unable to secure the Fort and lines of communication I have withdrawn to Fort Herkmer and await further instructions.
Your humble servant.