Friday, April 19, 2013

BAR Update

A quick look at four of the sixteen Prussian Artillerists that I am painting up for Jim.    I actually have eight of them done and started on the other eight.

Jim is working on Prussian Brigade with a Musketeer Regiment (two battalions) and a Fusilier Regiment (two battalions) plus artillery.

For the Imaginations games of Jumboed Alliances I am working on a Swedish Brigade and a Saxon Brigade.   My plan is that once painted the Saxon's would be sold to someone locally.   Hopefully at some point I can get back the Royal Swede and Royal Bavarian Brigade for the French Army, but that is now on the back burner.

Speaking of the Swedish Brigade I have really given some thought on its organization and have decided to get back to work on it.   The brigade will have Narke-Varmlands, Dalanars as a single battalion of three small divisions of 15; two battalions of a Vavarde Regiment.   To be supported by one battalion of Grenadiers, more artillery than you can shake a stick at (It is a Swedish Command after all), plus a company of Jaegers.

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