Monday, December 2, 2013

BAR Update - December 2

WOW!  Has it really been 9 months since I blogged on Miniature Gaming?   According to BlogSpot it has been, I just cannot believe it has been that long.

Any how...

Over the long Thanksgiving Weekend I spent some quality time with brush, paint and figures.   It seemed like I didn't complete much in the way of completed figures, twelve French Piquets (One Unit), four Austrian Artillerists, three command stands, half-a-dozen French Canadian Militia, and a solid start on another half-a-dozen French Canadian Militia.   That's 30 figures, plus 6 half-painted figures.   I shouldn't complain but...

I also spent some time looking over my French and Indian War / Seven Years War 25mm figure collection and attempted to decide upon some priorities.  I suppose that having the attention span of a six year old doesn't help me all that much; however here goes.

I think that creating playable forces has got to be the most important aspect.

On the French side you have Bougainville, Dumaz, Senezergues, and Montcalm's commands, Brigades if you will, however that is not the proper term, columns or lines is more of the vernacular for the period.
On the British side you have Wolfe, Monckton, Murray, and Townsend's commands. 
I also have two Saxon Regiments in French Service, two battalions of Hessians, and a number of Swedish units in the works for other SYW projects.

As I take a closer look at the French Side for the F&IW:
Bougainville Flying Column
Levis' Militia Cavalry - 200 Men - Don't own figures
French Piquets (IR) - 100 Men - Completed
French Piquets (CdM) - 100 Men - Figures Primed
French Piquets (Militia) - 120 Men - 6 Painted / 6 half-painted
Composite Grenadier Battalion - 240 Men - Not started
Native American's -

Dumaz's Column
La Sarre (II) - 360 Men - Not Started
Montreal Militia - 8 Figures Painted
Quebec Militia - 8 Figures Painted

Senezergues' Column
Guyenne (II) - 360 Men - Not Started
Royal Roussilon (II) - 360 Men - 12 Figures Painted
Montreal Militia - Not Started
Trois River Militia - Not Started

Montcalm's Column
Langdoc (II) - 360 Men - 24 Figures Painted
Bearn (II) - 360 Men - 24 Figures Painted

Levis' Brigade
Compagnies Franches de la Marine - 960 Men and 240 Militia - 48 Figures and 24 Figures 

The problem, even though I have 150 to 200 figures painted I haven't complete one command, what worse is that each of the commands needs about 50 figures to make it playable.   

On the British side I am even more in shambles as many figures are half-painted.    I have commands stands completed for four or five battalions but very few actual line figures painted.  

So what can I get completed to make pained playable forces.
Bougainville's Flying Column needs Militia Piquets and a number of Native American's completed.   arguably this is my closest to playable command.   One I should focus on in the short term.
The next closest to playable is Montcalm's Column of two battalions, I am short 24 figures and actually have these figures primed and based up.
Levis' Brigade is in practical purposes playable, but under strength, a couple of artillery pieces and some more Marines are in it's future.

The British, well since I cannot put what I have painted into any kind of semblance of order I am practically starting at ground zero.   I have two divisions of the 48th Foot done (24 Figures) and 24 figures primed I need to finish those before moving on to the 15th Foot.   I also have 30 figures of the 78th Highlanders started and well I also have the 60th (Royal Americans) and a Virginia Militia Battalion started, plus two Independent Companies, three Ranger Companies (basically done).   Wow are they a mess.   I guess that why I am focusing on the French.
Dumaz's and Senezegues' Columns are the furthest from playable.

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