Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Break Figure Painting

Completed a few more 25mm French and Indian War Figures over Christmas Break, excuse me Winter Holiday Break.

12 - Rangers
12 - 15th Infantry Regiment
8 - Independent Company

12 - Canadian Militia - Languedoc Infantry Battalion

I anticipate finishing up some additional figures by the End of the Year.
I have the remainder of the 15th Infantry and Virginia Provincials primed and some first colors slapped on them.   I have another unit of British "Local" Militia primed, a unit of Rangers and a second Independent Company started.
For the French I have another block of 12 Canadian Militia which I intend to have completed for the Bearn infantry Regiment, a block of 24 Grenadiers, 12 Marine Piquets and another unit of Native American Indians already primed.

There is little question I cannot complete everything on my list.
I need to fill in the needs first.
15th British Infantry Regiment (two Divisions)
12 British Local Militia
12 Canadian Militia (Bearn Infantry Regiment)
24 French Grenadiers (Composite Unit)

Native Americans

Here's to my effort.

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