Sunday, May 22, 2011

15mm Napoleonic Figures

On Saturday Tom Zwirn handed me a box of 15mm Napoleonic figures that he painted for me, included were 100 Austrian Landwehr, Charles Legion (Prague Students and Mahrisch's Battalion) and Viennese Volunteers and 50 French Young Guard and 16 Sailors of the Guard.

Always nice to get more painted figures in the collection, wish there was more interest in the period.


Iowa Grognard said...

I'm planning an 1809 French/Bavarian project and live just on the border. I was going to base them for British Grenadier, but if I can find some gamers in a couple hours radius with an alt set I may reconsider that.

Iowa Grognard said...

I meant Genderal de AWI is for British Grenadier.

Jeffrey M. Johnson said...

My figures are organized at 1:30 and mounted for Napoleon's Battles. This I think gives me the most flexibility in using the figures for the most games.