Saturday, May 28, 2011

25mm Guals

Okay, I know a project flop for the weekend, however I pulled out my 25mm Guals for the annual I should really do something with these figures weekend. I have Caesarian Romans to, however I haven't really done anything with them either since they got painted up fo the release of Warhammer Ancient Battles. And this year I actually did do something with them, can you say painted cross belts or the gallic equivalent anyways.

I finished the 32 Gaeseti Mercenaries for playing in the Punic Wars period, plus 48 Swiss - Heleveti Tribe - warriors for 16 stands, got a good start on 16 Javelinmen and 16 slingers for all of those figures I will ever need.

Somewhere I have the Chariots done for the period, will have to get some cavalry for the Caesarian period.

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