Friday, July 15, 2011

25mm French and Indian War

Over the past week I have painted up some more figures for the French and Indian War (Seven Years War in North America) that have been sitting on my painting table way to long.

I completed the 10 British Artillerists and 2 Cannons, 20 British Independent Company Soldiers, and am getting started on some more figures for the French La Sarre and Guyenee Infantry Regiments and the Command for my Compagnies franches de la marine. I think most of the those figures have spent the better part of two years on my painting table. All toll it is 76 figures, most of which are at least half-painted. I'll just say cross-belts and be done with it.

Looking in the British box I see another 20 Rangers in the half-painted stage plus a full Regiment of Foot plus the Royal Americans in Hunting Shirts,that are at least half-painted. The French box is even worse with three battalions of figures painted white many with the black bits already painted.

I have to get out of the habit of starting one project and jumping to the next, very very bad habit.


the_fitzer said...

Hey, gotta ask. Where did you find a source showing the Royal Americans in hunting shirts. I didn't think that any of the regular British wore hunting shirts.

Jeffrey M. Johnson said...

The Royal Canadian muesum has a series of contemporary images of the 60th in what can only be called a hunting shirt, red no cuffs, color or turn back or adornment of any kind, worn on campaign. except i went looked i bought the wrong style shirt has fringe, fringe doesnt exist until1770.

the_fitzer said...

Cool, thx.