Monday, October 3, 2011

Swedish BAR

Yeah Yeah I know I am supposed to be Austrians, while I am painting those too.

I completed the LivCompany (16 Figures) for the Swedish Regiment Narke-Varmlands in 25mm for our BAR 1741 project. In addition I completed 4 of the 8 Figures for the Command Section, and the 8 Artillerists and 2 Cannons, plus the Regimental Officer and Brigade Commander.

For Narke-Varmlands this leaves 4 Figures for Command and 32 Figures for the Second Two Companies.

I also got all the Figures for the Dalarnas Reigment (2 Battalions) which is the mate Regiment in the Brigade. Plus just because I own the Figures every mad jack of the Swedish Jagers will be covered as well.

On the Austrian Front I completed the First Company of the Carl Lothringen Regiment only 120 more to go for them.


Ed said...

Very interesting. Any pictures? Just how big is your BAR project?


Jeffrey M. Johnson said...

In 15mm we play Koenig Krieg, fighting the "Wars of the Jumbled Alliances" in which case each player has a historical "accurate" command but the battles are complete fictional. We fought Waterloo for Example and the Prussian Civil War.
We would like to do something similiar with a BAR project, where each player paints up a historically "accurate" Brigade and having each player push thier own command.
However we are talking BAR with 70 figure Battalions.
We have a couple of players extremely interested and about four more somewhat interested.
The Swede's are a running joke, I write the Battle Reports and Push Swedes so they have never lost a battle. Including the Battle of Swedish Thermopylae. So it was only appropreate that I paint them up for this project two. I found the Swedish Official history (written in Swedish in 1740 what a pain in the butt to translate).
I suppose in the end I will also be painting up some Prussians, for the F&IW I have three French Battalions, a Marine Battalion and a Militia Battalion and on the British Side I have Two Battalions and some off ball companies Painted up.

Ed said...

Thanks. I find these group projects interesting.

If you followed my links, you saw that I tried to do something similar with our group in Texas. I did end up getting a couple people to contribute to that big game, but no one local was interested.

My BAR brigades (4 Prussian, 4 Austrian, British, French, Saxon, Hanoverian, Brunswick--err-- "Hesse-Fedoran" and Dutch) have sadly not been on the table since then.

The big units from Brunswick-Fedora, Saxony, Holland, and some of the Austrians are the big, 54+ figure units I built expressly for BAR. The Prussians and Austrians are combined from 24-figure units.

And with a name like "Youngstrom" I have also owned a Swedish army. 15mm Napoleonic that I just sold this summer.