Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tau Empire

Gunther has asked if he can play Warhammer 40K, well more exactly he has asked to play that cool looking game with guys in space suits (Space Marines) that has Monsters (Chaos) and Aliens (Tyranids) that the boys were playing with at the Source. I should add tha most of the figures were just primed and not painted.

So we spent a few hours looking over the website and looking at boxs and Gunther has decided on an army from the Tau. Not wanting to be another guy with half painted or only primed army I decided to buy the figures one set at a time and only after that set gets painted will i get another set.

The first set was a Tau Fire Team, which includes 12 Troopers and 2 Drones. I have completed the first 2 troopers and one drone this evening. I have the second drone primed and still have to assemble the other 10 troopers.

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