Sunday, October 9, 2011

Accomplishments for the Weekend - Part 1

I almost completed my son's new Tau Empire Fire Team. Eight of twelve Tau and both drones completed.

The figures were extremely easy to paint, while not Games Workshop magazine quality, it still a very acceptable finish.

I started with a black primer, used Africa Brown for the hoofs, Brunt Sienna for the lower legs, than used vermin brown to highlight the skin, leather suit (nor sure what it actually is.) I then used Vomit Brown for the Armor and Weapons. Followed by highlights of Brass and Red. With some Bleached Bone for the straps and unit markings.

For the Tau Skin it was a fairly simple procedure. I started out with a slightly waterred down Shadow grey over the black primer. I than dry brushed on a 50/50 mix of space wolf Grey and and water. That's it.

The figures look well together as a goup and pretty sharp singally.

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