Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Glorious 26th of October

The Saracstic Alliance: The Self Elector (Notice how he is peaking at the Camera), The Left Hand Man, Count von Zoltov, Freddie the Adequate, and Prinz Henri von Kersed

The Austrians: Duke Jimbo of Whirlyberg, The Elector of Bavaria Noel the First and the Archduck Jack.

The Thirty Third and a Third Coalition of Lunacy: Duck Jimbo of Whirlyberg, The Elector of Bavaria Noel the First, the Archduck Jack, The great Pasha Beybey, and General "Biggie" Johnson

Freddie the Adequate and Duck Jimbo discuss the sharp lines of battle before the game game starts.

The growing Swedish Army moves into defensive position behind the Mississippi Creek.

A wider view of my Swedish forces.

Freddie the adequate surpressing a chuckle as he discuss battle plans with the Left Hand man.

The Austrian commanders laugh about the deployment of thier army. "How bad could this be?" Asked the Noel the First.

A view down the Coalition Line after the first turn.

A view down the Alliance Line after the first turn.

A view of the Prussian Position.

A view of the Hanoverian Position.

Prinz Henri von Kursed looks over the board in antipation as turn two is about to begin.

Right wing of the Austrian Line.

Prinz Henri von Kersed Cavalry command of two Hussar regiments chages home against a Austrian Cuirassier Regiment and an Austrian Dragoon Regiment.
If you look closely in the woods you will see a unit of Prussian Jagers engaged with an Austrian Grenzer unit.

The Second Hussar Regiment is replused.

A closeup of the battle line.

The Ottomans under The great Pasha Beybey cross the Mississippi Creek and begin advancing on the Hanoverian Army.

A view of the Austrian Line at the end of turn three.

After entense combat the Austrian Cuirassier regiment rambles back to regroup.

During the explotation phase the Prussian Hussars under Prinz Henri von Kersed move to flank the Austrian Line.

The Hanoverian line slowly retreats in attempt to intice the Ottomans to charge.

Two, four, six eight, who do we appreciate. Freddie the Adequate tries to determine how many dice he needs for his Artillery Battery.

We have seen this look before on the Austrian commanders. Something like reindeer just ran over grandma.

The freshily washed and bathed Ottomans begin the rumble forward.

What do mean we have been charged from the rear? The Austrian Dragoons and Cuirassier Regiments in a clear moment of dooooommmm.

Well, with the Elector of Bavaria, Noel the First, in charge we are assured of a Couple Cavalry Charges being replused by teh Bayonetts.

A view of the Prussians of the Left Hand Man moving forward in the center.

The valiant charge of the Hanoverian Guard Cavalry against the Ottomans cavalry.

A view of the Ottoman and Swedish positions on the left of the Austrian Line. The Swedes wait paitently at the Mississippi Creek for the an attack that never came.

A look down the Austrian Line as a regiment of Cuirassier have found themselves out of position.

The lone Ottoman Cavalry Regiment stand triumphantly as it has successfully replused the vaunted Hanoverian Guard Cavalry Regiment relentless assaut.

The Final Dispositions as cleanup is taking place.

The Actors:

  • The Self Elector: Jim (AKA Fitz) Fitzgerald
  • The Left hand Man von Zoltov: Joe Zottola
  • Freddie the Adequate: Tom Zwirn
  • Prinz Henri von Kersed: BJ Kersteter
  • Duke Jimbo of Whirlyberg: Jimbo (He who I will learn his last name someday)
  • The Elector of Bavaria, Noel the First: Noel
  • Archduck Jack: Jack Anderson
  • The great Pasha Beybey: Chris Combs
  • General "Biggie" Johnson: Jeff Johnson <- That's me by the way.

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