Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Painted Figures the followup

I was asked yesterday about my two ranting posts concerning painted figures and were they directed at anyone in particular.

The answer to that question is no. Not just no but HELL NO.

So I would like to take a moment and explain how those rantings came into being in the first place.

On Sunday evening I posted my first version of the what becomes the “Seventy-Third Battle of Falcon Heights”. All done in pure fun. Monday I made a few corrections and lengthened the story a bit plus changed some formatting around in an effort to make it more readable. I laugh at myself for the use of the Cell-Phone Camera and the effort I spent to get pictures of players as opposed to just the figures.

Around noon I traded some email with another individual who made what I thought were some interesting remarks about the period and the hobby. We traded some more emails about my thoughts on the game which becomes the Thoughts on Koenig Krieg Game - October 5. Of course this leads to another email exchange. Somehow my comments on my attempt to paint up some figures becomes a discussion on Painted Figures. The individual I was corresponding with of course found the right button to push.
It's well known that I am believer in big games and when I enter a project I expect to paint a large number of figures. Sometimes this is my downfall as a project for me is like 2,000 figures leaving some casual players to wonder why they are painting figures.
However my biggest complaint is that I often hear people tell me excuses rather than shall I say the truth. I don't hold it against people that they aren't interested in painting, just come out and say that rather than tell me you purchased A THOUSAND RSM 25mm SYW figures that you are going to paint someday. While I might believe one hundred, A THOUSAND is tough to swallow.
Every game needs two sides and I am more than happy to provide figures for both sides on two or three projects, BUT NOT EVERY PROJECT.

In a way two individuals in Sunday game became an example, not because they personally did anything wrong rather they are symbolic to the issues that IMHO are hurting the hobby. I have tried my best to make sure those individuals are kept as anonymous as possible because as faceless symbols they are okay to use but as named individuals it is not to call someone out when they don’ have the ability to defend themselves.

Of course this was complicated by the fact that someone who read the blog decided to forward it to everyone who played. So my faceless symbols suddenly were faced for about eight people. And I apologize for that.
My frustration and “anger” at this issue is often misread as a personal attack, I understand that sometimes certain periods, figure scales, rules, and what not are not in everyone’s cards or plans for painting. I certainly don’t ask people to paint figures for every period. But some games and periods drive me up a wall when I listen to the “excuses” people use for not painting. If you are not interested in painting something just fess up and admit it, no one will think less of you, however if you use excuse like “it is too expensive”, “too time consuming”,” too difficult”, “too whatever” we will think much less of you as we know that is as Sheldon Cooper says “Balderdash”.

I use Koenig Krieg as an example because it is the perfect period for you to paint a few figures I could say the same thing about American Civil War or hyphenated wars.

There are several parts of the story yesterday which are not included in the discussion and I for reasons that aren't always obvious want to keep them out of the discussion.


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