Sunday, October 19, 2008

What a way to spend the day

I spent much of Sunday mounting and rebasing Austrian Napoleonic Figures.

From previous shipments to and from Fernando Enterprises:
  • Kaiser Franz Infantry Regiment
  • Erzherzog Carl Infantry Regiment
  • Deutschmeister Infantry Regiment
  • Freiherr von Schroder Infantry Regiment
  • Erzherzog Ludwig Infantry Regiment
  • Furst zu Liechtenstein Infantry Regiment
  • Freiherr Reisky Infantry Regiment
  • Freiherr von Klebeck Infantry Regiment
  • Freiherr von Zach Infantry Regiment
  • Graf d’Aspre Infantry Regiment
  • TBD Infantry Regiment
  • TBD Infantry Regiment
  • TBD Infantry Regiment
  • TBD Infantry Regiment

The reason I have four TBD Infantry Regiments is that I made a mistake in painting. I painted up Freiherr von Hiller (IR2) as an German Infantry Regiment rather than a Hungarian and repeated said issue with three other Regiments. I have to figure out what I can do with the units if I can use them as other reigments (that I haven't already got painted).

Figures that I rebased:

  • 10 Austrian Heavy Artillery Stands
  • 15 Austrian Light Artillery Stands
  • Kiaser Franz Hussar Regiment (12 Figures)
  • Stipsic Hussar Regiment (16 Figures)
  • Dragoon Regiment #4 (8 Figures)
  • Dragoon Regiment #6 (8 Figures)

I was shocked at how time consuming this project is. I suppose takening the time to make sure each base is properly labeled and organized correctly isn't helping the process.

I have four more regiments of Infantry to base up, which were painted by Fernando, and about 200 figures of Grenadiers that need to find a base.

In addition I got about 300 Figures from an Empire Corps that need to get rebased. This is going to take some more time.

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