Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Böhnens Fribataljon

While painting up the last four Don Cossacks I also painted up 12 figures of Böhnens Fribataljon for the Seven Years War. I really like the way this unit turned out. Each figure is wearing a different but similar uniform. Several Prussian uniforms symbolizing Prussian deserters which made up much of the battalion.
I also prepared the Second Battalion of Drottningens Livregemente for painting, well actually I primed them as I had cleaned all three battalions and mounted to Popsicle sticks last week. These should be a quick unit to paint with white facings, white paints, white gators, white small clothes, white hat lace, and white belting.
In addition I primed up both of the Swedish Heavy Batteries for painting, again this will be a damn quick unit to paint. Blue pants, blue small clothes, blue facings, natural leather belts and no hat lace.

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