Thursday, October 9, 2008

Jeff's Thought on Campaigns

A topic that has been discussed a little bit over the last couple of days is campaigns or more specifically why aren’t we (ie the Centurions or SPI) running one currently.

Why run a campaign?
The first part in any discussion on running a campaign is “what is the benefit for the players going to be?” this is a small topic that is overlooked a number of times.
1) Encourage players to paint for a new period
2) Use figures already existing to run games.
3) Interconnect battles

The next consensus a group needs to agree on is on rules.
1) Grand tactical movement
2) Logistics
3) Battle Rules
4) Recovering battle losses
5) Replacements
6) Siege
7) What happens if a player doesn’t turn in a orders for a turn?
8) What happens if players can’t fight a battle
9) What battles need to be fought?

The next step is agreement on schedule
1) When does the Campaign begin?
2) How often do players need to make turns
3) When are battles fought

The Final question is how does someone win a campaign?

If we wanted to run a campaign
In our case we have all three choices available to us when it comes to determining what the benefit for the players is.
1) For the Seven Years War period we could use this to encourage people to paint up figures for a relatively new period for us. While some figures have been around for a while most of us are painting up figures for the first time.
2) For the Napoleonic period a number of us already have large collections and be nice to get these figures on the table.
3) Sometimes called a tree campaign it would be easy to interconnect a few battles and get people started in thinking about campaigning without getting into logistics or other requirements.

Rules are always the tough one, but the real key is identifying potential problems early and getting them nailed down.

A key in any successful campaign is the schedule, again something often overlooked in the initial planning. If it takes too long to get the campaign started players’ interest wanes and any momentum created before hand is lost very quickly.

I love campaigns and I think they are a good way to achieve many objectives most importantly getting figures on the table.

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