Saturday, October 18, 2008

Napoleon in Spain - 1812

As the warm morning sun rose across the Spanish field that clear October morning in 1812 Napoleon stared at the distance and daydreamed about cold and snow.
“My Lord” an unnamed Aide de camp broke the silence. “General’s Reille and Junot are here for their orders.”
“Will be a hot day today, have my horse saddled and ready. The British are making a mistake, while it is bad form to interrupt them I prefer not to leave them long enough to realize it.” Napoleon turned and smile that smile he always did, he was after all Mr. Happy. “Send in the Generals”
The Emperor spoke “General Reille you will command the leftwing moving against the British under Lord Hill. While Genral Junot you will take my right wing and move against those washed and freshly bathed Ottomans. I’ll never understand what they are doing here, it Spain for goodness sakes.” He looked at the two Generals and continued “We have no heavy cavalry so we must use Artillery to force the enemy to do our will.”
After a pause General Reille spoke up. “I’ll send the Light Cavalry Corps against the Extreme left, Lord Hill has massed his cavalry between his command and the Center. My two infantry Divisions will form the center with the Light Cavalry Division on my right towards the center.”
Napoleon switched has gaze from Reille to Junot he spoke up “I plan on using a similar plan against the Ottomans. My Light Cavalry Corps will be on the Right, Two division of Infantry in my center and light Cavalry division on my left towards your position in the center.”
“My boys that is a good plan. We will drive the enemy from our Spanish Soil.”

To be completed later

The cast in order of appearance
· The Emperor Napoleon – Jeff Johnson
· General Reille – Joe Knight
· General Junot – Jack Anderson
· The Duke of Wellington – Noel
· Lord Hill – Jimbo (Whose last name I will learn someday)
· The great Pasha Beybey – Chris Combs
· The Final Arbitrator – Jim Fitzgerald

It was unfortunate that the two most experienced players were on the French Side. Noel and Jimbo were overmatched and unable to handle the moves and countermoves that Joe Knight and I did.

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