Sunday, October 19, 2008

Things to do for the November 22nd Game.

  • 60 Cavalry React Markers
  • 120 Disorder Markers
  • 120 Rout Markers
  • An undetermined number of Casualty Markers
  • Table Rental
  • Setting Up Terrian
  • Mount Austrian Figures


Anonymous said...

Are you planning on doing anything special for the markers? I've still got most of the markers from my original boxed set that I can bring along.

Also, what are you planning on doing for kill markers?

Jeff Johnson said...

For Cavalry React Markers I plan on painting up 60 Cavalry Figures in either Yellow or Gold on a round base.

For Disorder markers I have several bags of dead that I plan on painting a blue and putting on a round base.

For Rout Markers I will use more dead painted red on a round base.

As for Casualties Markers I have hundreds of wounded that I ma going to paint red and mount as singles, doubles and triples.

However for backup I have a couple sets of markers from the first edition.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a job for 3 cans of Krylon...

Jeff Johnson said...

Rustoleum - Painters Touch