Monday, October 13, 2008

Roeder's Brigade and count d'Air

For reasons that will be apparent at a later date I have decided to paint up Roeder's Württemberg Brigade and count d'Air Bavarian Command on the Far Left Flank of the Battle of Luethan.

Roeder's Brigade
* Fusilier Regiment Truchsess (2 bns)
* Roeder (2 bns)
* Prinz Louis (2 bns)
* Garde zu Fuss (2 bns)

d'Air Command
* Kurprinz (1 bn)
* Preysing (1 bn)
* Herzog Clemenz (2 bns)
* Leib-Regiment (2 bns)

I plan on having two stands of two artillerists with each command.

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