Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Don Cossacks

Last night I completed the first block of 16 Don Cossacks that I am planning to paint up for the game on November 22nd. Other than the lance pennants (which the Don Cossacks didn't have) the unit looks pretty good, from a distant.

The paint job is not the greatest and I rushed a few things. These are defiantly the figures you look at from three feet away rather than up close and personal. I primed the figures brown and painted over the top. The uniform I used my standard Prussian Blue and than dabbed color on the bits and pieces. For the lance pennants I painted four blue, four green, for red, and four another shade of red. I figure I will use yellow, light blue and orange for the next twelve figures.

I prepared the next group of 12 plus my command stand which I plan on priming up tonight and getting ready for painting this week.

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