Friday, October 3, 2008

Hobbytown is Moving

My local Hobby store, Hobbytown USA, is moving about two miles from Valley Creek Mall to Bergen Plaza in Oakdale.

I can't say I am happy about the move no longer will it be a walk or a bike ride for Gunny and I this of course will make it more difficult and more likely for me just to shop at the Source Comics and Games in Falcon Heights.


Anonymous said...

They wouldn't happen to be taking Unicorn Games' old spot, would they?

About the only things I ever picked up at HobbyTown were paints and superglue... and maybe the occasional White Dwarf back when I was still in to that.

knightwire said...

I work about a 1/2 mile from Bergen Square. Pass by it everyday going to and from home. :)

Joe K.