Friday, October 17, 2008

Package on it's way from Fernando

I received an e-mail this morning from Sanath at Fernando Enterprises in Sri Lanka that my next parcel shipped yesterday. In addition I have a $16 credit to my next order. Whoot. Considering I shipped too many figure that will help.

Comming back are the following:
25mm Napoleonic Austrian Grenadiers
Grass Green Facings - 8 Figures
Apple Green Facings - 8 Figures
Parrot Green Facings - 8 Figures
Dark Brown Facings - 8 Figures
Light Blue Facings - 16 Figures
Poppy Red Facings - 8 Figures
Pink Facings - 8 Figures
Napoleonic Austrian Hungarian Grenadiers
Light Blue Facings - 12 Figures
Emperor Yellow Facings - 8 Figures

Napoleonic Austrian Mounted Generals
ArchDuke Charles and staff - 4 Figures
Bellegarde and Staff - 3 Figures
Liechtenstein and Staff - 3 Figures
Hiller and Staff - 3 Figures
Generic Offices and Staff - 4 Figures
Austrian Mounted Infantry Officers (1809) - 3 Figures

Napoleonic French Mounted Infantry Officeres - 5 Figures

Of course this gives me way too many Austrian Greandiers (chuckle) I'll have about 50 stands with six being command stands only 140 figures or another 35 stands.

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