Monday, October 6, 2008

Thoughts on Koenig Krieg Game - October 5

The game itself seemed to drag and drag and drag on. As though it was taking hours to play on the other hand in reality we were completing a turn every 15 minutes or so, which isn't bad. It just creates such a negative perception of the game so Jim and I talked about this perception and what can we do to improve it.

The Coalition side lacked a coherent plan, we had to defend and we had a good defensible position between Falcon Heights and villa of Rose but the Ottomans were left out to dry on the left flank. Jim and I talked about it and the optional troop list really hurt Chris, had he been using the standard list he would have been in a better position. Jack and Jimbo (whose real name I will learn someday) couldn't decide whether to be on the defensive or the offensive (the best defense is a good offense). They stayed on the defense too long and any opportunity they would have had offensively was lost when them surged forward about two turns too late. I can't really comment on the Alliance but I am not sure if they had a plan either.

The Swedes really could have used another couple of battalions of Infantry, even the Indelta battalions, would have really swung the scenario more in our favor.

Everyone had either too many canons or not enough, something we will address in the next scenario.

I think everyone had fun, except maybe the great Pasha Beybey, who spent more time wondering how to redeploy tactically to the rear. I always feel bad when one player by really no choice of their own is so totally screwed in a scenario. Okay Chris choose to use the neat troop list that totally screwed himself, but WE should have looked closer at it since we knew Chris had a Ottoman Army.

In the end I think the scenario would have been a minor victory for the Sarcastic Alliance as we would have been driven off the board, but in a campaign setting that would have been a very costly victory for such a small prize.

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