Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Evil and Nefarious Plan

I admit to being a sucker for the slightly off beat projects that come up from time to time and of course I may have found one true to my tastes.

Chris Combs (The great Pasha Beybey) has a fully painted Ottoman Army that he uses in a number of games and periods. Considering the Ottoman costumes haven’t didn’t change from before the Seven Years War until after the Rebellions in the 1850s (A period of over a hundred years). I think this is a great plan and good reuse of figures. However Chris’ problem is that his Army is completely over matched against Non-historical opponents. IE he always is fighting Regulars in weird settings.

So I pulled out my collection of unpainted lead and went what the hell can I paint up that would be interesting to fight The great Pasha Beybey.

In searching I found I have the order of battle for the Austrian, I mean Hungarian, Army that fights the Turks from 1808 to 1812. And then I started looking at the list and going I bet this would be a great game if we can find the right rules.

The Core of Hungarian Army is Two Hungarian Infantry Regiments and a battalion of Hungarian Grenadiers. I assume there is some artillery in this group but none was listed.

The cavalry is a Dragoon Regiment (called the Hungarian Dragoons so I am doing some research on that one) and the other two Irregular hussar Regiments that were virtually taken on the regular roles.

Other units involved include several Border (Grenz) Regiments including four battalions of Grenzer Landwehr. There is also several Hungarian Insurrection units. And if Hungarian Insurrection wasn’t bad enough I also get Hungarian Militia which are untrained Insurrection troops. I am not sure who would have the worse army. The Ottomans or the Austrians?

To make matters worse I have made an agreement with Tom Zwirn to get the whole thing painted. What have I done…..

Wait this could be entertaining. The big challenge will be finding rules since neither side mustered very large forces.
You could also throw in Marmont, Russians and a few other items and you get trouble with a capital T.

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