Thursday, September 18, 2008

Upcoming Napoleon's Battles Games

Nov 22nd - Leipzig
Well it won't exactly be Leipzig rather it will be a battle very similiar in appearance with several changes to the Order Of Battle to accomidate the figures we already own. Heck I threatened to replace the Army fo the North with a British/Allied Army since we own the figures for that and not the Swedes. But as Jim pointed out we probably don't have enough players or Time to wory about them. So they will sit in a box just in case.

Next Summer - Wagram
I am short a few pesky French Allied and some Austrian Light Cavalry. However one care package to Fernando and that problem is taken care of.

Next Fall - Borodino
This is the battle that Jim, Joe Knight and Bart Kersteter are really interested in. I have all the Russian in Great Coat that I am saving for a surprize game of NB using Winter Battles. I have the Terrian Boards and the Russians. Just need to get off my ass and do the French.

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