Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Follow up to the NAPSBATTLES yahoo group.

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> have a gamemaster or god - helps to prevent useless arguements ,
> keep rule lawyers in control

We actually are going to have two of us senior players, Fitz and I have done this routine for years, I'm the rules lawyer he is the lets throw dice guy so we are very balanced. We have lots of practice making larger games at least appear to those on the outside work.

> plenty of dice

I keep a couple of dozen dice in shakers around and oh yeah they limit certain other anomalies as well.

> at least 3 rule books should be present

If 3rd Edition is available we will have at least two copies, 2nd edition we have about four copies between Jim and I.

> make sure EVERYBODY knows what optional rules are beiing used ,

This is my pet peave so I work very hard for people to know which rules will be in play. I like to post charts. They get posted to our web-groups as well.

> plenty of beer too ,espec sam adams ,

We will be playing in the upstairs reception area of a local resteraunt, so we gopt that covered.

> artillery range sticks if the optional range table is used ,these
> can be made way before the game and used at any game ,

We have for years used clear plastic templates from the original box set, I keep thinking about switching to range sticks but haven't.

> each side /team should be balanced in terms of knowledge and ability
> with the rules ,it will last longer and more fun for everyone
> rather than have 1 side dominate and other side not having fun

I'm a big fan of doing this. Fitz and I flipped coins to see who was going to be the overall commander on each side and than we will preassigning people based on experience and ability to one side or the other.

> ,keep the game moving whille playing ,ie no watching "saving
> private ryan "

Another of my pet peaves, we are playing a game lets keep the game moving. I have stop watch for movement, plus we will havee a few time outs per side. If you are going to go smoke, eat, bio, or even get a breath of fresh Minnesota Air do it at the approperate time cause I ain't waiting for you.

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