Thursday, September 18, 2008

25mm ACW basing

As I posted a while back I am seriousily considering how to base up my 25mm ACW figures. I have about 200 painted figures right now and not a one is based.

My initial basing plan was to follow the current defacto standard, 2 x 2 on a 1 1/2 inch square base, the problem is the only game that "needs" that mounting is "Guns at Gettysburg".

Let's be honest for a moment, even though Guns at Gettysburg sounds like an interesting rule set the likelyhood of me actually playing it is like next to none. I mean 1:20 in 25mm takes way to much space.

So if "Guns at Gettysburg" is out of the question why mount figures for it?

So I am back to what can I do that is useful with mounting. Three figures on a 1 1/2 wide base is of course the closest thing to a standard I can find. I guess I can live with that. Leaves the question how deep for the base.

Jim thinks 1 1/2" square but it has been suggest that a 1 1/4 deep base is more useful as it reduces the storage space by a 1/6th. On 200 bases that is a savings of 75 square inches in storage. My question 75 square inches all that much space?

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