Sunday, September 21, 2008

Now what I have I gotten myself into?

I suppose it is in my nature, I am after all a gaming whore.

On November 22nd we will be running the Leipzig battle at the Levee Café in Hastings. The Game is two months away and I am already contemplating other projects.

Today I was asked about World War II gaming and what I thought about doing a big WWII game.

Okay I am finished with my four letter word tirade and am much better about it. Okay not really, you guys know me too well.

Here is the deal; next year (2009) would be the 65th Anniversary of a number of decisive battles during WWII. Anzio, Fall of Rome, Overlord, Cobra, Anvil Dragoon, of course my favorite Market Garden, followed by the Ardennes Offensive (Dec 1944-Jan 1945). So obviously there is some good reasoning to think about doing something. Okay I thought about… You are all fricking nuts.

Another of my ford letter word tirades should insure right about now.

For 15mm Spearhead I have the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions (or damn close), the 1st Paras, the Polish Airborne Brigade and the Guards Armoured (half painted). All painted for the Bridge Too Far Scenario. So for the Allies I am short British 43rd Infantry Division, 8th Armoured Brigade and the Royal Netherlands Brigade.

Using the order of Battle I have for the Germans, while not as close I still have good portion of the First Parachute Army and other elements in the region.

So I suppose the 65th Anniversary of Operation Market Garden is enough of a reason to finish the game as not.

What the hell did I just agree to? Man I hate being a gaming whore. Damn does it suck.

Watch for more information on Operation Market Garden.

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