Friday, September 26, 2008

Shako II

I was asked if I had an interest in trying out Shako II as a tactical level game for the Napoleonic period.

Shako II is a pretty through rewrite of both Shako and Advanced Shako rules.
After such a bad experience with the Original Shako I am hesitiant to fully commit to trying out the game. There are a couple of issues involved that I do not believe have been worked out.

The rules have gone from a streamline 20 page booklet to nearly 100 pages, that is not a good sign.

They have added lots of specialized rules (artillery pull-back, sappers, engineers and fortifications for example) that were not in the original rules nor the 'advanced rules' found online.

I am also concerned about the cost, as the rules have climbed from $20 to $42. For lots of nice looking pictures. Yawn...

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like another example of a relatively simple set of rules that had an interesting concept or two that has been 'extended' to add more unnecessary chrome and detail. Hardly the first rules set to have that happen, and unlikely to be the last.

While I'm all for adding another rules set to the collection, and I don't mind pretty pictures, the current price of rules sets makes me more selective than I used to be.

For tactical Naps, I personally like General de Brigade... though there are other decent sets out there as well.