Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Åboläns Infantry - 1st Battalion

This evening I basically completed my first batallion for the 15mm Seven Years War Project as I worked on the First Batallion of the Åboläns Infantry Regiment.

The Unit is 12 figures, so after spending last night cleaning and priming those figures I got to painting them tonight.

I decided to revert to black priming the figures, as much as I though about White Priming. I experimented a little bit with the paint order but in the end the process will be.

Electric Blue (Jackets)
Grey (gators)
Dry Brush White (Gators)
White (The facings and such that will be yellow)
Beastial Brown (Muskets and Canteen)
Golden Yellow (Facings and small clothes)
Boltgun Metal (Musket)
Chain Mail (Bayonet)
Snakebit Leather (Leather Straps and Backpack)
Bleached Bown (Hair)
Dark Flesh (other leather straps)
Black (Touch Up)

I'm using a brighter blue beacuse the figures are so small. The really darken up as other colors are applied. The above image is way over-exposed, making the blue seem much to Bavarian Blue like, but with as much trouble as I was having with my Camera that was enough and i just posted the first image that was sort of in focus.

All in all about two hours for 12 figures. Plus two hours yesterday in prep time. I did only mount up one base as I figure I should check with the expert to make sure I got the colors right. Of course there is some discussion on the Hat Lace color. All the documentation that I have indicates the Hat Lace matches the regimental color (either white or yellow) problem is I have yet to see an image of Infantry in anything but white hat lace.

As I usually paint in block of 8 figures the 12 figure block was a little more challenging, as it took longer.


Anonymous said...


How tall is the base they're mounted on?


Jeff Johnson said...

Due to the wierd angle of the picture the base appears much bigger than it is. The Camara didn't want to focus last night and I was to frustrated to figure out why.

The base is only 3mm.