Saturday, September 27, 2008

Swedish Dragoons

I have a terrible habit of picking just the right organization in a game that ends up providing an advantage to myself because the troops or the organization provide something. It doesn’t matter the period or the rules or even what anyone else is doing. I pick something somewhat random (or with a minor reason) and I seem to pick the absolute right troops.

When we decided to do the 1871 Campaign I volunteered to throw myself under the bus and take the first French Corps, or more specifically the 15th Corps. Didn’t think anything of it until we get to the game and realize I have the last Imperial Corps filled with regular troops and the darn French Foreign Legion rather the regiments demarche.

In 1792 I pick a random Russian Corps, who’d thunk the Russians would put the Guard in the V Corps. It was totally by fricking accident.

I wanted to paint up troops of my home state for an ACW project, Wisconsin so I get the Iron Brigade.

World War II, simply because I wanted something other than Grey German Uniforms I get Herman Goering’s Panzer Corps. I felt so bad after painting up Tigers to make up for it I also painted a Luftwaffe Feld Division in their blue uniforms.

So I picked the Swedes for the SYW. Specifically I picked the Swedish Army from Finland, who’d thunk I could have picked something so wrong.

I get to paint three little Dragoon Regiments. In a game where cavalry is rated light or heavy, the Swedish Dragoons are rated as Heavy Cavalry; even the British Dragoons are rated as light cavalry in the game.

So of course I get to hear about this, even though I don’t yet own a copy of rules and had no way of knowing.

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