Saturday, September 20, 2008

25mm Napoloenic Game

I’d like to thank everyone who played in today’s game. Again I think everyone had a very good time and we all learned the meaning of the word “yark”.

The French side, Joel Gregory, Noel, and Jack Anderson had five brigades of French Infantry and a small Confederation of the Rhine detachement. The Austrians, myself and Jimbo, we assisted by the minor contingent of Russian Allies command by Fitz.

Joel’s command of two brigades each of four battalions of French infantry and a battery of artillery we on the right flank of the French Army. Noel’s French brigade of four battalions of French infantry were in the center of the field and his supported Confederation contingent we deployed into two town sections. Jack had six battalions of French infantry deployed slightly back of main French line on their left side.

Opposing these French horde were the valiant Austrian forces. I command the left flank with two brigades of Austrians, 1 battalion of Jagers, 1 Border Regiment, two small infantry battalions in the first brigade. The second brigade of two battalions of Austrian Infantry and two Grenadier Battalions.
Jimbo had three battalions of Landwehr in one brigade, his second brigade had two battalions of Austrian Infantry and one battalion of Hungarian Infantry and one Artillery Battery.
Fitz had some Cossacks which we placed in the center of the force.

The game featured the Allies on the attack. The Cossacks and Jimbo’s Austrians moved forward in the attack while my Austrians began a bombardment of French line.

Once the Cossacks moved into position the launched there first assault against the French line. After repeated attempts the Cossacks were repulsed as there attack stalled. Jimbo Austrians stalled and went onto the defense.

It was almost like a lightning strike, as the waves of Austrian Artillery bombardment of the French line took its toll as a battalion routed out of the line. Suddenly the Austrian forces surged forward. Four battalions of Austrian Infantry breached the French line and the Battle was over.

I think the French made a tactical error early in the game, Noel was tentative in the center. Had he committed his French to secure the line between Joel command and the Confederation troops the game would have greatly changed. This would have strong out the Cossacks a little while, at least one maybe two more turns. This would have allowed Jack’s French to move into position. But as Noel’s command continued to backtrack the Russians moved forward splitting the line.

Joel’s dice were his downfall as he couldn’t make a roll. Jack just didn’t have enough time to get his French moving or in position to take advantage of his superior numbers and higher quality troops.


Anonymous said...

What rules?

Jeff Johnson said...

We used a variant of Wilderness Wars currently referred to as “Napoleonic Commander”. You may remember one of early attempt to write a 25mm Rules based somewhat on House Rules Napoleonic II that we referred to as Napoleonic Commander, these rules are of that ilk.

Anonymous said...

Vaguely remember... been a long time.