Friday, September 26, 2008

Åboläns Infantry - 2nd Battalion

I have basically completed painting my second battalion of the Åboläns Infantry infantry regiment. Just Hair, leather work and a few minor touchups to go.

Per Fitz's direction, even though it goes against all the documentation, I have changed the hat lace to white. All the pictures of the Swedish Infantry have the hat lace as white, yet all the documentation lists the hat lace in the Regimental Colors, which is almost always yellow. So six of one and half a dozen of the other, because all that most people look at is the pictures in an attempt to not deal with discussion on hat lace I went with white.

After completion of the Åboläns Infantry regiment I will move on to the second regiment in the brigade, the Nylands Infantry Regiment of two battalions.

Fitz promised me some Artillery to paint up before the game on the 5th. If I can get that done, simply because Fitz had a few extra figures laying around I will paint up a Grenadier Battalion as an attempt to secure my Indelta Brethren.

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