Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Follow up to the Minnesota_Miniatures_Gamers Yahoo Group

*** The original message to the Centurions Mailing List was also forwarded to the Minnesota_Miniature_Gamers list. The following is a followup based upon a couple of questions I received.

As a follow-up....

As usual with a Centurions games there is no experience with the
rules are necessary and there is no cost to come to the Levee and
play in the game.

I am covering the cost of the room and the other associated costs.
There will be some snacks and beverages provided but I am not
currently planning on covering the costs of the meals.

We will have a break for supper somewhere around 6PM, give or take an
hour, it will be at a natural break inthe game. You can either grab
a meal from the Levee or find something else nearby.

Before November 22nd, the Centurions will be running a couple
Napoleon's Battles game on our regular weekends at the Source to help
get people acclimated to the rules again. Bob Coggins, one of the
principal rules authors, assures us that the 3rd Edition will be
available very soon so our plan is to use that edition of the
rules. However since NB III is not yet released we have a backup
plan to use NBII which while out of print many of us own.

Fitz and I will be hammering out some scenario based rules over the
next few weeks to cover the fact we are planning to have 20 plus
corps of figures on the table. Those rules will be posted beforehand.

A focus point of this game is the maneuver and deployment prior to a
large scale battle. It is our hope over the first couple hours of
the game that we will be able to watch build up occur and than once
the battle begins watch the transfer of men as reinforcements move
about the tables.

With that in mind we have discussed a schedule of what we hope
Before the convention Fitz and I will do the preliminary map
movement. We are thinking of starting map movement a few days
after the Battle of Dresden (Aug 26-27, 1813).

On Friday evening while at the Levee we will pull out the big map of
Central Germany and doing the final map movements there. Once the
final map movement is done we will set the table tops and start
placing troops out.

On Saturday morning at 10AM we will have Officers Call and begin
moving figures. Depending on the layout and spacing the initial
turns should move fairly quickly. Our goal is to do a turn every 10
to 15 minutes until contact. Which we are hoping occurs around noon.

If you have any questions about this event please let me know I'll do
my best to get them answered.

Jeff Johnson

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