Thursday, September 18, 2008

ReCON Date Move

Originally posted to the Minnesota_Miniatures_Gamers List last night by George Hord.
the VFW has switched us from the 15th to the 22nd of November.
let me know very quickly if you can't make it
sorry for the inconvience everyone
thanks in advance

So it seems that ReCON now falls on the same day as our planned Napoloen's Battles Mega-Battle in Hastings.

It is extremely unfortunate that at such a late date George was forced to change the date of this Fall ReCON to Nov 22nd.

With the date change I would now be available to attend ReCon; however I have at this time already paid for the room rental at the Levee Cafe in Hastings for the 21st and 20th of November so I am planning on going ahead with the Napoleon’s Battle mega-game even though it now coincides with ReCon.

I have already spoken with Fitz who has indicated that he plans at being at the game in Hastings as well.

I have also sent a private note to George letting him now that even though these two events coincides I will be doing the NB game. I feel bad that we could pull between 10 and 15 people who usually attend ReCON to the NB game, but I have already paid for the room and the additional space and setup time on Friday really allow us to do a big game that we can't do at ReCON.

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