Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Images from the August 16th Game

On August 16th in celebration of Fitz's birthday a number of us got together at the Source Comics and Games for a large game of Napoleonics using our Wilderness Wars variant called Napoleonic Commander.

The game took place on two tables, the upper table saw Austrians vs. French while the lower table saw Russians vs. French. The tables were in theory two different locations of the same battle during the 1813 Campaign in Germany.

The below pictures were taken by Jim Fitzgearld and are published with his permission. Now if I can just convince Jim not to cut off everyone's head in ALL the pictures.

Keith's Bavarians

Tom Zwirn setting up my French Brigades and the detachment of the Confederation of the Rhine Troops.

Tom inspecting his position.

Jim's blurry Russians

Jim's not so blurry Russians on the other flank.

Keith inspecting the line.

What Keith saw.

Unseen by the Russians a block of Violence's Bavarian Cavalry stormed the board and began moving agains the Russians.

The Russians infantry begin moving forward agains the Bavarian Position.

A look at the Russians advance on the right flank.

Down the line of battle. Nice clean lines.

Final disposition of the troops when the game was called. The Bavarians had been soundly beaten and the french were working feverishly to move into a defensable position.

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