Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Things to do for the May 17th Game.

For the May 17th Game
· Flags Needed
o Two Flags Erbprinz RegimentCOMPLETED
o Three Flags von Bose RegimentCOMPLETED
o One Flag Starkloff’s DragoonsCOMPLETED
o Two Flags 1st Guard BattalionCOMPLETED
o Two Flags 2nd Guard BattalionCOMPLETED
o One Flag 1st Pennsylvania RegimentCOMPLETED
o One Flag 2nd Pennsylvania RegimentCOMPLETED
o Two flags 3rd Virginia RegimentCOMPLETED
· Figures to Paint – Already have
o 2nd Pennsylvania Regiment (24 Figures) COMPLETED
o Jim’s Maryland Regiment (16 Figures) COMPLETED
o ADDED 1st North Carolina (24 Fgures)COMPLETED
o 2 Artillery Pieces Anspach (8 Figures and two artillery stands)
o 1st New York(24 Figures)
o Delancy’s Brigade (24 Figures)
· Units to dip
o Two Stands Starkloff’s Lt DragoonCOMPLETED
o 2nd Pennsylvania RegimentCOMPLETED
· Stands to flock
o 1st Pennsylvania RegimentCOMPLETED
o 2nd Guard BattalionCOMPLETED
o von Bose MusketeersCOMPLETED
o erb Prinz FusilersCOMPLETED
o Starkloff’s Lt DragoonsCOMPLETED
· Figures to Paint - When Figures come in
o Washington Command Stand (3 Mounted figures)COMPLETED
o Lafayette Command Stand (2 Mounted figures)COMPLETED
o Lincoln Command Stand (2 Mounted figures)COMPLETED
o Stueben Command Stand (2 mounted figures)COMPLETED
o Continental Mounted Command (3 Mounted figures)COMPLETED 1 Stand
o Hessian Chasseurs (8 figures) COMPLETED
o Command Stand 1st Pennsylvania (4 figures)COMPLETED
o Command stand 2nd Pennsylvania (4 figures)COMPLETED
o Command stands 3rd Virginia (8 figures)
o Continental Artillery (20 figures five artillery bases)COMPLETED
o Dabney’s Legion (15 figures)COMPLETED
o British Legion (15 figures) COMPLETED
o Command Stand Delancy’s Brigade (3 Figures)
· Figures to Paint – When Jim gets them to me
o 1st Virginia Line Regiment
o ADDED 2nd Virginia Line Regiment

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