Thursday, April 17, 2008

Last Night's Painting

I began painting Fitz's 2nd Maryland Regiment last night. We might however have to talk as I discovered the 1st Maryland wore a white hunting shirt, I painted them a year ago in a blue hunting shirt, again a misidentified image was the culprit that lead me astray. Oh well only myself and the four of you that reading my blog would catch my mistake.

I got the first eight of the sixteen figures painted last night. I like how about five or six of them turned out. A couple figures are difficult to paint due to the pose of the figure and well the unit will look good those two or three figures want get high marks on close inspection. The other eight figures are primed space marine blue and have some of the basic colors already applied so I should be able to finish those up tonight. Afterwards I will start cleaning up the next block of figures. I am not sure 100% what I will make the next unit, I am leaning towards the 1st and 2nd New York Continental Regiment but I kind of have an inkling to paint something a little more crappy like maybe a North Carolina Continental Regiment, but that might take too long to paint at this moment.

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