Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Additional Figures for May 17th

I of course have additonal figures in my box that I won't be using, or more approperately haven't currently included in the order of battle for the game.


  • 2 Stands 1st Guard Battalion
  • 3 Stands 2nd Guard Battalion
  • 3 Stands 4th Regiment of Foot
  • 4 Stands 20th Regiment of Foot
  • 2 Stands 23rd Regiment of Foot
  • 3 Stands 33rd Regiment of Foot
  • 4 Stands 64th Regiment of Foot


  • 2 Stands 1st Pennsylvania
  • 3 Stands 2nd Pennsylvania
  • 5 Stands North Carolina Militia
  • 5 Stands North Carolina Militia
  • 6 Stands Minutemen
  • 5 Stands Minutemen

Each of the extra figures from the British Regiments could be used to create additional units. The Guard could become Delancy's Brigade, the 20th and 64th could become the Marine Battalions, and the 4th could become the 84th Regiment of Foot.

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