Thursday, April 17, 2008

BAR and the SYW

There are a number of individuals in the Twin Cities who have expressed an interest in playing Batailles de l'Ancien Regime or BAR for short. BAR is a Seven Years War game played in 25mm at a 1:10 ratio. This of course is a HUGE game in terms of the number of figures required and space requirement to play. I am not the biggest fan of the SYW period due more to the attempts to ram the period down my throat several years ago (several players wanted me to paint both sides for them to play) rather than a actual dislike of the period.

I of course did what I was do, I picked a battle (Rossback) and choose the command right smack in the middle that was involved in all the action and in this case because Commander was probably some distant relative of mine and of course it turns out that the command was too powerful for what people wanted to play. Yep 4 battalions of Infantry and 2 battalions of Grenadiers were too much. And according to Jim not even right campaign of the conflict.

So I switched to the correct central Europe Campaign (battle of Luethan) and for the most part my choices were either more powerful or of equal strength and yet again my command was still too powerful.

This of course is my usual problem, I always pick something somewhat obscure and always pick something too god like. Yet when I try and choose something from a historical order of battle it continues. Very frustrating.
So to satisfy Fitz my plan is to paint Major-general Kahlden Brigade for the Luethan order of battle.
Grenadier Garde Retzow (1 bn)
Kannacher (2 bns)
Pannwitz (2 bns)

It still has a Grenadier Guard Regiment but it more along the lines of what Fitz thinks is appropriate to paint and play. I know I will be chastised for that but life goes on.

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