Friday, April 11, 2008

Saturday May 17th

I have not been one to celebrate my birthday. Other than my close family, I am not sure anyone else knows when it is. Heck, I am not sure my family remembers when my birthday is any more. Over the years I have quietly spent my birthday volunteering at a number of soup kitchens, homeless shelters, food banks and other similar places to remind myself of how wonderful my life is. That is a tradition I will be continuing this year. However, as I have grown older and the more I realize how good a life I have, I would like to do more to celebrate it.

To those who don’t know I enjoy the spectacle of gaming, I mean large games. In terms of gaming in my mind there is nothing like looking at a table with several thousand figures marching across to do battle. I guess that alone makes me a gaming megalomaniac, if not I am sure we could find several other reasons. To do large games not only do you need lots of figures you need many players to push those figures. And that’s where you can come into play.

On May 17th in conjunction with the Centurions normal miniature game day I will be hosting a 25mm American War of Independence game using “Wilderness Wars” at the Source Comics and Games to help celebrate my birthday. I would like to invite everyone down to come join the game. There should be plenty of commands available.

I would like to encourage everyone with figures to bring them down for the game. Currently I have over 1,250 painted figures and with Jim Fitzgerald’s and Ray Knapp’s figures we will have in excess of 1,500 figures out. Heck, if I can convince a couple of other players to come out of hiding we could have more than 2,000 figures in play. If the Source gets in some more figures I will probably be adding to my collection of painted figures between now and then.

Hope to see you all on the 17th and may your dice be good to you.
Jeff Johnson

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