Tuesday, April 8, 2008

25mm Problem

Ten years ago sitting in the Bar at Ciatti’s we began a discussion on what we would want in a rule set for 25mm Napoleonic game. Jim, BJ and I all huddled around some bad beer writing notes on cocktail napkins. I am sure Super Dave, Violence, and others were there Friday Evening but to them the drunken discussion on the beauty of 25mm Napoleonic Figures marching gloriously across the table was just that drunken talk.

It’s hard for me to believe that it truly was ten years ago, well actually it was 9 years 8 Months and 20 Days but other than me whose counting. Okay I guess that proves I am one hell of a geek. I remember details almost as clearly as I do that of meeting my wife, the birth of our child, or life changing event; but I suppose in a way it was a life changing event. That evening I went from player to game designer; but I didn’t know that then and wish I didn't know that now.

The Napkin list included:
25mm Figures
Multiplayer Game
1:30 Figure to Men ratio
Each player commands a brigade
Playable on a 5’ x 10’ table

We started by listing all the games we knew and what we liked or disliked about the games as published. I suppose it was telling that we knew the answer before we even started, for what we were looking for in 25mm there was nothing published [that we knew of] that we were interested in. Games either were the wrong scale or too cumbersome or even worse too simple.

That night began an incredibly painful gaming journey to write a set of rules to meet our desires. The problem was over 10 years our desires changed, our group changed, and in the end our commitment changed. I suppose that it was impossible to meet the desires of three completely opposite end of the spectrum players like Jim, BJ and I but back than we believed we could. Jim desired big games, the spectacle and grandeur of 1500 figures a side. BJ desired open gaming play what you paint. And I wanted a game you could play somewhat historical in 5’ x 10’ space.

Over time I kept re-evaluating our requirements and slowly but surely I dropped 25mm from the requirement. So what the heck do you do with a 1000 painted 25mm figures if you no longer have a project, find a new project of course.

After much soul searching and staring at figures I decided to use my 25mm Figures for Napoleon's Battles, 1813 Campaigns in Germany. This is not everyone's favorite choice, matter of fact I don't think anyone other than I really wanted to do that. But with NB basing and half basing the Cavalry I can play most games, I am just organizing primarily for NB. Leipzig in 25mm would be so awesome.

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