Thursday, April 10, 2008

More Figures

I stopped in to the Source Comics and Games today to pick up a few pack of figures. Yes I know I have over 50 lbs of unpainted lead for the Napoleonic period alone, but I just need to fill some holes in my collections. While I had a list of 7 packs of 15mm Old Glory Napoleonic Figures and interest in some 25mm Seven Year War figures I ended up purchasing 1 Pack of Old Glory 15mm Figures, one pack of F&IW Indians with club/hatchet, and one pack of AWI Continentals.

The pack of Old Glory 15mm Napoleonic figures is a pack of Hanoverian Hussars which I split into two Regiments of 15 figures, the Lueneburg and Bremen-Verden Regiments. This leaves the third regiment of hussars for the Hanoverian Army, my heroes, the Duke of Cumberland Hussars, but they where Shako so I am figuring a pack of French Hussars is in the future for them.

The French and Indian War Indians will be added to my collection of Indians for the F&IW group. This old pack, the date on the price tag was 1994, will be cleaned up and mounted three figures to a 1 ½” square base as irregular infantry for Wilderness Wars which is becoming the defacto standard for the period.

The Continentals will become the regular troopers for the First and Second Regiments of New York for the Southern Campaign. These figures will be mounted four to a base as close order infantry on a 1 ½” wide by 2” deep base. I will add the command figures later when bob gets them in stock.

I ran into Bob Brynildson, aka Barbwire Bob, and was regaled with stories of horrendous dice rolling on his part at Little Wars. As Jim Kilbane quickly pointed out what gamer doesn’t complain about his dice. Never mind the fact Jim has had a dice smashing party and might be the only person on the planet who consistently rolls worse dice than I do. Bob confirmed that he would be ordering the packs of figures I need for the AWI period in the next week or so. Considering it is one of the few periods the Source has practically sold out on three times I don’t know why they don’t do a better job keeping the figures in stock.

Figures to be ordered from Old Glory:
AWI-01 Continental Infantry Command
AWI-17 British Command
AWI-33 Continental Artillery
AWI-40 British Colonels
AWI-42 Continental Personalities
AWI-54 Hessian Jaegers

I need command for 4 Continental Regiments, 1 British Loyalist Battalion (Delancy’s Brigade) and officers for the Continentals for the game on May 17th. So hopefully these will get here in time and I can get them painted up.

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