Thursday, April 10, 2008


When I started wargaming we were lucky to put tape on the floors to mark out our Terrian features. We thought 3M's blue painters tape was a god send to mark rivers rather than laying down masking tape and righting "river" on it.

Now I think I spend 25% of my painting time working on terrian features. Today project was more fences for 25mm periods. A couple more 6" sections of Zig Zag fences and four sections of split rail style fence sections at 7 1/2" inches a piece.

After the glue dries I prime them black. The Zig Zag Fences will be dry brushed Dark Brown, than a mid brown than Austrian Ochre. The Split Rail style fences will just be white washed.

Newly painted British Officer used for Scale.

You'll notice that several of my fences have some "damage done to them" to begin with. I think this gives a slightly more realistic look than the prestine and perfect terrian some people use.

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