Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Jim's 3rd Maryland Regiment

Tonight I finished painting up Fitz's 3rd Maryland Regiment of 16 figures. The old glory figures are hunting shirts and round hats. Continuing with my recent trend the hats and pants of the figures became much more random they have painted in the past.

Funny thing about the unit, last year I painted up 16 figures in hunting shirt for Jim to be the 1st Maryland Regiment. I discovered a problem with my painting while researching the 2nd Maryland Regiment, seems the first was in a WHITE hunting shirt trimmed blue while the subsequent regiments where in blue. Figures. So what I painted last year became the 2nd and this became the third. I guess no one but Jim and I will know and of course he will point it out every time they are on the tabletop.

Jim primed the figures for me with Games Work Shop's Ultra-Marine Blue primer. I have not had much luck, or rather I dislike painting over the top of that primer. For some reason the whites and white based paints don't want to stick well. This creates some crappy belting and of course me without any ultra marine blue the figures need a couple touches of paint to clean up a few smudges.

Jim plans on getting me the next batch of figures on Friday so I can have them (and my 24 Figures for 1st New York) to paint over the weekend. I also might paint up a few British figures to paint everything I currently own. Maybe even a few Native Americans will get painted.

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