Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Things for the May 17th Game - Comments

The list actually seems much longer than it is. Things like flags for the units will be an hour of set up time and some time to apply but it not like painting 200 figures.

I was actually surprised at how few figures I need to paint up. Now that doesn’t mean I won’t paint more just how few I need to get done to have a balanced game.

As of Today I need
8 Figures Hessian Chasseurs
8 Figures for Second Pennsylvania
8 Figures command both Pennsylvania Regiments
12 Mounted Commanders
15 British Legion
15 Debney’s Legion
16 Figures for Jim’s second Maryland Regiment
16 Artillerists
24 Figures Delancy’s Brigade.
32 Figures 3rd Virginia
154 Figures

That’s a very doable number and I can get away without painting some of the figures up if needed.

I really need more terrain for the game, that includes Tree, Fences, and Buildings. Building are probably the hardest thing to come up with, I will be begging Jeff Knudsen to borrow what he has done in paper since I won’t be getting mine done. Trees well I guess I will be buying a couple of packs and mounting them up. Fences will take a little time but I should get them done in time.

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