Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Biggest Challenge in Gaming

Recently I was asked what I feel the biggest challenge to my gaming hobby is. My answer was quick extremely quick “The inability to complete projects”. Of course that led to further questions so I better expound on my answer.

Years ago figures were packaged with specific games in mind, when you bought Minifig Napoleonic figures you bought two packs and had a complete unit, one command and one trooper. Later when economy of scale increased the size of the packs a single command pack could be meshed with three or four packs of troopers and you would have entire divisions. However as the games evolved and the pack sizes got larger it creates difficulty in ordering for the stores. No longer could you order one command pack for each pack of troopers you have to guess I mean gauge a better ratio. The problem is customer one wants a command pack and three packs of troopers and customer two a command pack and a single bag of troopers.

Now when you visit stores, whether it the Source Comics and Games, or Tower Games, or the Last Square in Madison it is difficult to find exactly what you are needing to do the next unit in your project, one might have the command pack you need and another the troopers but unless you get to the stores right after they order they probably won’t have both.

My solution is to mostly do special orders.

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